Using Facebook Ads Service in 4 Easy Steps

Set Goals for Your Facebook Ads

Think about what you want to achieve with your Facebook ads before you jump in. Set a few goals before going live with the ads in order to make sure that there is something with which to measure successes.

Facebook AdsIf you are hoping to increase app downloads with Facebook Ads set a goal of getting 100 in one month or something along these lines. This will give you the best objective when selecting your ad and campaign.

Go to the Facebook Ad Manager

Each of the Facebook Ads goes through the Ad Manager. You can access this tool using the direct or you can click the link “manage ads” in your drop-down Facebook menu from your account. There are also plenty of CTAs there to click on to access it.

From the Ads manager, navigate the menu from the left side of the page. Click the green button that appears on the top right-hand corner of your page.

Facebook Ads

Choosing the Objective

Once you click to create an ad, you get taken to a page with options to choose your campaign’s objective. You will have 15 options on this page for the things you want to accomplish.

Define your Budget and Audience

Use this step to customize ads for your target audience. This is important if you want to succeed in your advertising. You can select from demographics like country, state, city, town, zip code or an address. You can also choose between ages, genders, languages and interests. Facebook can see what people enjoy based on the pages they like or their activities they post about.

There are also choices for picking an audience based on behaviors and connections. You can also choose to show connections that are part of the buffer or not connected to the buffer.

Using the connections setting you can also choose advanced targeting. This lets you exclude or include people who are connected via events, apps or likes and pages. Further target your audience by adding people who have already worked with your business.

Once you set your ad up, be sure to monitor its effectiveness. This is easy to do using the Facebook Ads manager. You will be able to see if you reach your goal or not and adjust the ad as necessary.